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Innovative thinking
leads to simplified solutions

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Everything Your Business Needs and More

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who are hard at work to find better and simpler solutions for real world problems. We focus on two "I"s, improving the existing solutions and innovating to find new ones. We are game for any and all of your problems, but here are the things that we do best.
Innovative thinking
leads to simplified solutions

Simpler, Better Business Solutions for Everyone.

We believe that technology should always be a stepping stone rather than an obstacle to our lives. We at CoreHub understands that every person is different and so are their needs. We believe in giving you the absolute best and nothing else. We make sure to meet your specific needs and deliver the best product, on time.


Bring us your idea, we will make it real.


Travel is the second most expensive industry in the world. Ensuring the aquisition and delivery of the right data at the right moment can make or break your entire business. We are making a complete travel platform that offers complete enterprise airline data management, HOT, GDS integration, hotel API integration, transfer and activity management and much more.


Having a strong financial backbone has always been an expensive headache for smaller businesses. Not anymore, we are building next generation financial technologies that combine the financial expertise of an experienced practitioner and the dexterity and speed of modern computing to make the process as straightforward as possible.


We see education and technology as inseparable. We have built the next generation education platform through which, teachers and students from all over the world can collaborate create in enticing new ways.


Are you planning to increase your customer base and global reach? CoreHub solutions will set you up with all the tools custom made for setting your business up on the path to global presence.


Sales and marketing is an indispensable but complex part of the success of any business. Here at CoreHub, we have developed a fully automated and truly flexible platform that can be custom tailored for your specific business needs.


Cloud computing enables us to access and interact with data no matter where we are. We specialize in developing cutting edge cloud solutions that offer server management with server and hosting support as well as technical assistance.


Some of our reputed clients

Why Us

We are the perfect match for your project

What makes us better?


However large or small the project is we put our heart and soul into everything we do. We make sure everything that we make is of the highest quality and can be of use to the customer for years to come.


We work "with you"
We put our customer front and center of the whole process and understands that we are just a means to materialize their vision. Our experts are always there to address any queries you may have.


Always on time
We understand how hard it is when things get delayed. We take it as our responsibility to deliver products on time so that you won't have to wait.


Be it a billion-dollar company or a small startup, our aim is to be of help to anyone who needs it. Our products can scale to fit the needs of everyone.


Enterprise grade solutions
 We are very proud of the fact that we can deliver reliable, scalable and fast enterprise grade solutions that can handle any task you throw at it.

You only pay for what you need

We believe in flexible pricing. There are no hidden rates or fixed plans, we charge based on your exact requirements. The pricing changes based on the complexity and timeframe. These are what makes our pricing structure unique:
  • Simple requirement-based pricing.
  • Pricing depends only on the size and scale of the product.
  • We ensure that the customer always gets what they paid for, sometimes even more.
  • No hidden charges and lifetime support for all our products.
Management Team


  • SIJO JOSE, Chief Executive Officer


    Chief Executive Officer
  • ILYAS P, Chief Information Officer


    Chief Information Officer
  • ABDURAOOF, Chief Technology Officer


    Chief Technology Officer
  • SAJI PAUL, Mentor



From day 1, Corehub Team was fast to respond and deal with any technical queries. They were honest and a reliable contact at all times, I would highly recommend them always. I will be doing more business with CoreHub shorlty

Phil Brighton, Director at Pinnacle Web Design UK

It has been a pleasure working with CoreHub for our projects. We have spent few months developing an amazing automation platform. They paid great attention to every detail and has managed the team effectively and smoothly from the start. I am very lucky to work with a team of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. A truly great business partner.

David Engelsberg DDS, CEO at NichePractice

We had a chance to work together for some time. People from CoreHub are so passionate about finding solutions, writing code and solving clients problems. Also they have tremendous potential, vocal about software ideas and enthusiastically tackles every assignment as they are directed. They are friendly, easy to get along with and well-liked by our clients.

Sreenivas Dogiparthy, July 1, 2016, Sreenivas worked

They worked as an architect on three of my projects and also helped me with numerous solution proposals. I found CoreHub to be very thorough in analyzing client requirements and ensuring that all their needs are covered in the solution design. They also skilled at configuring Linux servers and debugging MySQL database issues faced by the team. Also served a client-facing Team for a challenging project, with strong leadership skills and very good status reporting capabilities.

Ajay Ramakrishnan, Senior Manager at L&T Infotech (LTI)

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