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Technology should always be a stepping stone rather than an obstacle to our lives. We at CoreHub understands that every person is different and so are their needs. Our innovative thinking gives you simplified solutions for your complex needs. We believe in giving you the absolute best web applications, Android/iOS mobile apps, travel tech solutions, internet radio apps, e-commerce & easy to manage content portals. We make sure to meet your specific needs and deliver the best product, on time.


Online Radio

Online Radio.

Corehub have developed solutions for cloud based web & mobile online radio application which have the capacity to reach out to many online radio listeners simultaneously. Online radio is not limited to one geographic area. It can be heard all over the world.

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Travel Tech Solutions

Travel Tech Solutions.

Corehub delivers innovative solutions for the travel and tourism industry. We are uniquely equipped to deliver scalable and reliable products to the needs of the travel market, empowering them to optimise revenue streams and enhance their customer service experience

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Content Portals

Web Portals.

Core CMS is the Content Management System designed by Corehub to manage, modify and publish website content and layout without requiring any extensive knowledge of coding. The content can include text, images, videos and product descriptions.

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Web Designing

Web UI Designing.

From a simple website to an e-commerce platform, Corehub meets all your needs and provides quality from design to technical development. We are specialized in creating device independent UI designs for great UX.

Branding & print

Branding Designs.

To get noticed, your visual identity needs to be original and attractive. Corehub helps you to get more success in each phase and every project by designing stunning branding of logo, business cards and documents.

App web & mobile

Web & Mobile Apps.

To deliver the best and get best results you must keep up with the trends. To create new experiences for your users Corehub accompanies you in the choice, development and completion of your Web, Mobile or Cloud App.